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>> 5.2.09

Hi, it's been quite a while since my last post where I discussed about the importance of adding meta tag code to your site. This time I'm going to share with you severeal types of meta tags and what their functions are.

The following Meta Tags are optional and may not affect your site's ranking (because some search engines do not use them) but they're still useful to include.

Use this tag to categorise your site by company name
meta name="company" content="syarikat lintang pukang hehe"

This tag helps search engines to identify where the homepage is
meta name="homepage" content=

To make sure that your page does not have expiry date. If for example an expiry date were set and a search is performed after that date, your page would not appear. So, to disable this expry date just set it to zero
meta http-equiv="expires" content="0"

Use this if the content of your site is for global distribution, i.e., not restricted to your own country or region
meta name="distribution" content="Global"

Use this tag to restrict minors from accessing your site. This can be done by
meta name="rating" content="mature". You can also use "General" for all to view your content, or specify by using rating terms such as "16 years old" etc.

Revisit after:
This tag tells the search engine when to revisit your site. This is useful if your site is updated regularly. For example, if you want the search engine to visit your site once a week
meta name="revisit-after" content="7 days"

Whether you want your page to be indexed or not, use this tag. The default setting is normally for your page to be indexed. If you want to cancel this
meta name="robots" content="none"

This is to identify the copyright owner of the page
meta name="copyright" content="hakcipta mulau-ulau"

This tag identifies the author of the page
meta name="author" content="$en$ei"

Once you're done with all these tags, it is adviseable to move all these tags as near as possible to the top of your HTML documents. Why? Because some search engines scan only the first few kilobytes of the HTML documents.

Hope this short article gives you a good idea of the Meta Tags world.

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